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[11/04/2014] Smile получил Jedox Award

Smile получил награду "Партнер года" от Jedox >>

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Открывающая цитата улучшаем эргономику
для 58ми сайтов Закрывающая цитата

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Smile совершенствует 58 сайтов для Mazars


Группа решает усовершенствовать свои сайты для публикации контента с помощью Smile и eZ Publish. Цель - модернизировать имидж и структурировать контент, чтобы сотрудникам компании было просто работать с сайтом и наполнять социальные сети.

Через пять лет после того, как компания Mazars, которая специализируется в консалтинге, аудите и финансах, выбрала  eZ Publish  как платформу для своих сайтов, она решила провести модернизацию и добавить в систему управления контентом новый функционал. Все это должен был сделать Smile, исторический партнер норвежской компании eZ Systems, автора eZ Publish CMS.

"Мы хотели изменить платформу, чтобы улучшить эргономику всех 58ми сайтов и принести некоторые стандарты в продвижение нашего бренда"

“We wanted to modify the tool to improve the ergonomics of our group’s 58 websites and standardise the promotion of our brand, but also to generate new good practices within the group”, explainedHubert Callay d’Amato, Head of e-Media and New Tech at Mazars. To give an example, for the group’s corporate websites, the architecture of the home page, whose content had had very little structured hierarchy, was entirely revisited to make it more user-friendly. This approach was part of the group’s more general project of updating its brand identity.

As a specialist in PHP development technologies, Smile came in to modify the different page templates, namely with the insertion of four “push blocks” promoting the content of the home page and the addition of mini-home pages in new “mega-menus” designed to simplify navigation.

Smile was also asked to model and overhaul the data structure on the website, which contained more than 15,000 pages prior to modification, and to create a new management interface that would be easier for all the Mazars Group’s employees to master. “It was a matter of creating lightweight, user-friendly forms that would allow anyone to publish news on the site, in just a few clicks”, emphasised Hubert Callay d’Amato.

As demanded by the boom in social media, Mazars also decided to facilitate contact between the site’s visitors and the group’s international staff. For each of those employees, a mini-biography and telephone number are published, a form can be used to send them an email, and links to their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are often provided. This evolution is in line with the strategy of strengthening the Mazars presence on social networks, as is the possibility of “sharing” each of the website’s pages on LinkedIn.

The next step? The group fully intends to develop its site further, on a daily basis, supported by a new “agile” development mode that encourages continuous improvements. Some of its other priorities include upgrading its intranet, as well as interfacing its corporate sites with external recruitment applications, revisiting its search function, and implementing new interactive maps. To be continued...

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